Healthy Traditional Meals

Special meal planning at Best Month is provided by a dietician working in conjunction with a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to tailor balanced meals to meet the specific nutritional needs of new mothers.
Meals are prepared by our professional chef from the freshest, all-natural ingredients and herbs available every day.
Five meals a day are provided, cooked and sent at the time of your choosing, and the menu can be adjusted in accordance with each mother's physical
The rice wine used in our meals is carefully selected to ensure it is of the highest quality, with natural ingredients to provide you with a healthy recovery.
Delivery Time
Breakfast 08:00 | Lunch 12:00 | Teatime 15:00 | Dinner 18:00 | Supper 20:30
Five meals a day (three full meals, one dessert and one herbal soup)
An unlimited supply of traditional Chinese medicinal herbal drink is also provided

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